A Blessing Not A Curse
by Jane Bennett

A girl's first period is a special time. A time to be honoured; a rite of passage. This book for parents, teachers and girls explores the notion of 'the curse' and replaces it with a positive and enlightened view of menarche (first period) and menstruation. With practical advice on having conversations with girls about menstruation including: celebrating menarche, choosing menstrual products, managing menstrual problems, such as mood swings and pain, and learning how to achieve and sustain menstrual wellbeing, A Blessing Not a Curse will help girls have an affirming experience of menstruation.

This book includes:

    • cultural, historical and modern perspectives of menstruation
    • a detailed understanding of menstrual physiology
    • ways to support girls through the onset of puberty and approach of menstruation
    • ways to support girls as their periods become established,
    • and self-help therapies for teenage menstrual problems.