Contraception Kit
by Francesca Naish & Jane Bennett

In your Natural Fertility Management Contrception Kit you will learn to recognize the unmistakable signs of fertility that recur with each menstrual cycle, and, through charting them, become aware of patterns of change in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and other symptoms. By combining this with your personal bio-rhythmic lunar cycle, you can learn how to avoid unwanted conceptions.

If treatment is required to complement this kit, please contact the Jocelyn Centre for details of the NFM contraception program.

>Some Advantages of NFM methods for Contraception

  • are easy to use and have no side effects (no reliance on drugs or devices)
  • offer the freedom to have unprotected intercourse throughout the majority of the cycle
  • studies show a success rate of between 97% and 99.8%, when used correctly
  • are appropriate for all women and at all stages of the fertile life - regularity is not essential
  • no dangers to future fertility, pregnancies or children.
  • Natural contraception after the birth of your baby.

>The Methods

The Natural Fertility Management Kit teaches you to identify your fertile times through observing and interpreting the:

  • changes in your cervical mucus
  • body-at-rest (basal) temperature readings.
    This enables you to know when you are fertile in your hormonal cycle.
  • The effectiveness of these methods is enhanced by also observing your:
  • bio-rhythmic lunar cycle.

This enables you to identify the optimal time for ovulation when your fertility is at its peak.

These times will be calculated for you (when you send in your personal lunar calculation order card), and your workbook will explain how to combine this information with the mucus and temperature methods.

Your Kit contains:

  • A copy of Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish.
  • Your NFM workbook for Contraception which includes:
    • full instructions for learning the methods
    • 12 cycle charts for recording observations
    • diet guidelines for reproductive health.
  • A CD which contains:
    • Track 1- An introduction to NFM by Francesca Naish
    • Track 2- Relaxation, visualisation and suggestions to reduce stress, for motivation and confidence while learning these methods, and to help synchronise the lunar and hormonal cycles. This will reduce the total number of fertile days and help regulate the cycle.
  • A fertility thermometer
  • An order card for your personal lunar calculations and moon calendars for five years
  • A time machine (for adjusting your personal lunar calculations to different time zones when travelling)