Hypnofertility® and Counselling

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You have probably gone to considerable lengths to keep your body free of toxins and exposure to harmful elements. Why then, would you allow destructive habits and thought patterns to damage the fragile environment needed to conceive? Hypnotherapy transforms the frustration or fear that you may be feeling into a powerful, constructive force. Hypnotherapy can benefit both male and female parents-to-be and can be combined with almost any medical procedure with impressive results.

A study showed the efficacy of hypnotherapy compared to psychoanalysis and behavioural therapy. After 620 sessions of psychoanalysis, 38% of the patients reported recovery from their condition, those receiving behavioural therapy improved in 72% of all cases after 22 sessions, while hypnotherapy produced a 93% success rate after only six sessions.

This unique hypnotherapy program does more than just relax you while in session. You’ll learn to easily find that relaxed state which opens the door to conception, whether natural or medically assiste.

Julie is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years experience. She specialises in HypnoBirthing and HypnoFertility but also treats other problems such as stress-related disorders, anxiety, eating and sleep disorders, and smoking. She is also a naturopath and homoeopath.

Consultations are 60 minutes. Julie is available at the following times:

    • Wednesday and Thursday 9.00am – 12.00pm

Please phone (02) 9268 9000 to make an appointment.