12 Months Access


The MyNFM charting app is available as a stand alone product to support menstrual cycle awareness, and is a powerful tool to assess therapeutic interventions.

MyNFM allows you to record your daily observations on your device of choice to create Charts for One Cycle for each menstrual cycleAlong with the very practical use of these methods to achieve or avoid conception, charting is also a wonderfully illuminating and precise way to assess hormonal and reproductive health, as well as evaluate therapies supporting your cyclic wellbeing.

When observations have been recorded Charts for One Cycle can be viewed on screen and emailed as pdfs.



MyNFM does not predict your day of ovulation, as we believe your own assessment is far more beneficial and precise. A 2016 Colombia University study found that, of 1116 menstrual cycle apps, only 20 were accurate and only 5 per cent were informed by health professionals.

By assessing and recording your own observations you will soon find you can easily read the patterns of your Charts for One Cycle alongside any health practitioners supporting you, and understand your cyclical markers and what they tell you about your hormonal health. Now that’s empowered!

If you are not looking to use these methods to achieve or avoid conception we recommend you purchase Natural Fertilityto guide you in understanding the patterns of your Charts for One Cycle and your changing cyclical health.