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Success Stories

After trying to conceive naturally for over a year, we consulted a fertility specialist who immediately referred us to IVF without investigating any possible problems, other than asking me if I had a “reasonably regular” period and conducting a basic semen analysis to see if the numbers of sperm were adequate. He then told us we had “unexplained infertility”, and we felt that was not good enough. After purchasing the NFM Conception Guide I learnt so much more that we could do to improve our eggs, sperm, and reproductive health through diet and lifestyle, and I found through charting my cycle that I had an insufficient luteal (post-ovulatory) phase, which was soon fixed with some simple herbs and nutrients. We have felt empowered, and healthier – and within a few months conceived our lovely daughter who has given us such joy.

Jennifer, Accountant, Sydney


We discovered the Natural Fertility Methods of preconception health care after going through three unsuccessful IVF cycles. We dedicated the next four months to detoxifying our lifestyle, changing our diet, taking some nutritional supplements to supply the “building blocks” for our baby’s development, attending to our stress levels, and charting my cycle to help us time our natural conception attempts. We felt optimistic that we had given ourselves our best chance, and were prepared to give it another six months before resorting back to IVF. We didn’t need more than two! And now our family is three! Thank you NFM!

Alicia and George, Queensland


Once we had decided it was time to start trying for a family – we came across the NFM Conception Guide. Its promise of an “optimal conception” made us think about whether there was anything we could do to improve our longed-for baby’s health. We were astonished to find how many threats to fertility and a baby’s health are part of modern life, and frustrated that this information was not more widely available. We followed the Guide very thoroughly for the four preconception months, made many changes to our lifestyles and diet; found out, through charting my menstrual cycle, how to time our conception attempts to ensure the healthiest sperm and egg met at the best time in my cycle, and hey presto! First time lucky and we have a baby who is healthy, bright, beautiful and passing all her milestones way ahead of time.

Karen and Will, New York