The Natural Way to Better Pregnancy


by Francesca Naish & Janette Roberts

In today’s society pregnancy is often regarded as a medical, rather then a natural event. The Natural Way to a Better Pregnancy restores the natural order by reaffirming pregnancy as a normal, healthy part of life to be enjoyed, not endured.

It is every woman’s guidebook to the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy environment, and how these natural choices can have a positive impact on you and your unborn child’s health and wellbeing.

Natural treatments for all the common problems that can occur during pregnancy are fully covered, including nausea, varicose veins, stretch marks, heartburn and indigestion, and also the more serious condition such as threatened miscarriage, pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. Advice is also given on remedies for allergy, candida and infections, as well as for gentle detoxification, management of stress and fatigue, and appropriate exercise for the pregnant woman.

As every mother is concerned about the safety of her baby, this book looks at a wide range of natural remedies and supplements that can be safely used (or need to be avoided) at this important time, from herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential oils to acupressure points. It also covers how to avoid toxic exposure, and how to make an informed choice about antenatal tests.

The very practical guide will enable you to give your baby the best possible start in life.


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