Find out how to improve your chances of a natural conception

Learn how to give your child the best possible start

Observing and interpreting your body’s wonderful and unmistakable signs of fertility, together with enhancing both partners’ health before conception, can be the best start towards a happy, healthy baby.

After trying to conceive naturally for over a year, we consulted a fertility specialist who immediately referred us to IVF telling us we had ‘unexplained infertility’. We felt that this was just not good enough and after some research bought The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception. I learnt there was so much more that we could do to improve our eggs, sperm, and reproductive health, and when I found through charting my cycle that I had a problem with my luteal phase, it was soon fixed with herbs and nutrients. Within a few months we conceived our darling daughter.

Jennifer Thomson, Sydney

The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception shows you how…

With over 40 years of clinical experience we’re so pleased to present our new Conception Guide to help you optimise your chances of a natural, healthy conception, pregnancy and baby.

Available in Digital and Premium options.

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“Understanding the fundamentals of optimum fertility is a crucial step in being able to take charge of your reproductive outcomes and increase your chances of taking home a healthy baby.

The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception is the solid foundation every couple needs at the outset of their fertility journey. Not only can the wisdom it contains save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary and failed treatments down the track, but it will also save you the most precious resource on your fertility journey: Time.”

Gabriela Rosa, fertility specialist, Harvard University awarded scholar and host of The Fertility Challenge

While your reproductive health is closely related to your overall health its unique function means there are special requirements for it to work at its best.

Many of these factors are compromised by our modern lifestyle, but with knowledge and a plan you can optimise your fertility and the health of your future baby.

In The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception you’ll learn all about the Natural Fertility Management approach to preconception health care and optimum conception, with particular conditions and circumstances covered in detail, for instance PCOS, endometriosis, single or recurrent miscarriage, male fertility issues and many more.

The step-by-step plans and easy to use module format makes finding what you need, when you need it, a breeze.

Full contents list here.


Every step you take to enhance your preconception health has far-reaching benefits for your baby and generations to come.

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*Available in digital or paper format.

“If you want to start a family, or are having problems conceiving or are going through IVF, this will be the best investment you will make. This long awaited interactive and comprehensive Conception Guide covers the fundamentals of understanding your fertility, preconception health care, pregnancy, birth and post-natal care.

This information has been evolving and improved upon over the past 40 plus years by Francesca Naish, who developed the concepts and protocols of Preconception Health Care and Natural Fertility Management. From supporting the egg and sperm to be as healthy as possible and optimal timing of conception, through to nurturing the pregnancy in every way and facilitating an easier birth, this program improves both prospective parent’s health and that of our future generations..”

Doreen Schwegler
Naturopath and medical scientist,
specialising in reproductive health

Free with The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception:

  • Entry to the Member’s Section

  • MyNFM charting app

  • Relaxation and suggestion audios

  • Abundant downloadable handy pdfs

  • Access to ongoing support

  • A  bonus digital download with the Premium package

“Following your Guide as we prepared to conceive our beautiful daughter was a revelation. Not only did I learn things about my fertility I wish I’d known 20 years ago but as we incorporated and practiced your recommendations I really felt as if we were actively creating an invaluable gift of health for our baby. The surprise side-benefit was that we both feel a lot better in ourselves, with numerous low-level but annoying conditions having cleared up, and are feeling fitter and stronger and enjoying life more. Definitely a better way to start the journey of parenting!”

Veronica Lim
Event Manager

The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management

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