As a result of our vision, research and decades of experience we are pleased to offer a range of programs and methods for achieving optimal general and reproductive health – for all people, at all stages of life.

We encourage the practice of healthy lifestyles and diet, and the primacy of natural remedies, in resolving health issues. We will use naturopathic remedies and therapy, monitor and support you through all health conditions but also believe in empowering individuals with knowledge for the self-management of their health in the long term.

We utilise various diagnostic tools alongside a detailed case history to prepare a comprehensive plan for addressing any issues and attaining optimal health. Therapies involve the use of natural medicines, detoxification, nutrition, stress management, allergy and infection control and lifestyle advice and are complemented by the diagnostic and therapeutic support of your medical doctors, if required.

As detailed below, our services include:

Naturopathy Fees & Procedures
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Naturopathy Female Questionnaire 
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Naturopathy Male Questionnaire 
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Women’s Health

In addition to our fertility focus, we have experience with a range of naturopathic remedies for all areas of general and reproductive health.

Our practitioners have extensive experience with helping women who may be affected by a range of conditions such as:

  • hormone imbalance
  • PCOS
  • endometriosis
  • fibroids
  • menstrual pain
  • irregular menstruation
  • PMS
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • immune system problems
  • menopause and perimenopause.
  • and all other associated issues.

We also support women through pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and postnatal care via a range of therapies, supplements, products, and referrals where necessary.

Men’s Health

Our men’s health services are focused on optimal fertility and any existing reproductive health issues. However we are more than happy to treat men for any general health issues.

Unlike conventional treatments for infertility, the role of the prospective father on the Conception Program requires the same involvement as the prospective mother. This is because the father provides at least 50% of the contribution to a healthy conception. This is the case even if you are unaware of any fertility problems.

Please refer to the Conception Program for further information, including infertility and serious health issues.

Birth & Beyond

Giving birth is an empowering and transformative life event, and when the birth and bonding between mother and baby unfolds naturally, the positive effects for both are immeasurable. Post-natal health and successful lactation are well supported with natural therapies.

We are strong supporters of the advantages of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, and have very effective herbal and nutritional remedies to improve milk supply when required.

In Francesca Naish’s books The Natural Way to Better Birth and Bonding and The Natural Way to Better Breastfeeding (co-authored with Janette Roberts) , she covers a treasure trove of practical information.

For personalised advice, naturopathic treatment and remedies on any of the above topics, Francesca or any of our trained practitioners are happy to assist.


Our philosophy is one of lifelong health care. Ensuring your child is enjoying optimal health and addressing any issues early on in life will help create a strong, resilient, healthy constitution for their entire life and for the generations beyond.

Although children born from a healthy, planned conception generally have a greatly reduced rate of medical issues, there are always ways we can assist with the optimal health of your child. From advice on treatment for minor ailments, building immunity, diet, allergies and so on…

It brings us great satisfaction to be able to continue to assist with the wellbeing of children that we have helped bring into the world – as well as children who are new to us!


Puberty is a time of profound change and a time celebrated in many cultures as a rite of passage into a new stage of life. But like all of life’s major thresholds it can be a vulnerable time. Attitudes and events experienced around this time can impact negatively or positively on a girl’s evolving sense of identity, body image and emotional health. For support at this important life stage you can:

    • Read A Blessing Not a Curse by Jane Bennett. This book for parents includes practical advice on how to discuss menstruation with your daughter and support her through this important time.
    • Attend or host the workshop A Celebration Day for Girls with your daughter. At the Celebration Day you and your daughter will enjoy lively discussion, fun activities, stories and gentle celebration of the magical threshold of puberty and menarche.
      Click here for more information about A Celebration Day for Girls.

A Celebration Day for Girls was developed by Jane Bennett. Jane has a Bachelor of Social Work and Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has worked in the field of Natural Fertility Management with Francesca Naish since 1990, counseling and training health professionals in these methods throughout Australia and New Zealand. Jane is the author of A Blessing Not a Curse and co-author of The Pill: Are you sure its for you? (2008) and The NFM Contraception Kits and Conception Guide with Francesca Naish. Jane is the Managing Director of NFMKits Pty Ltd.

Jacintha shares Jane’s joy in bringing A Celebration Day for Girls to girls and their mothers at this significant time in their lives, and is thankful to have been trained and entrusted by Jane to do so.


Menopause is a normal, natural part of a women’s life that is usually experienced in her mid-late 40s or early 50s. It is often a time of change both physically and psychologically where women either need or appreciate some form of assistance.

During peri-menopause (the onset of symptoms to the last menstrual period) and menopause, women can experience a range of symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, menstrual changes, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, urinary frequency, joint aches, tiredness, anxiety, headaches, irritability, decreased libido, dry skin and depression.

Our practitioners have years of clinical experience supporting women through this time of change and challenge. We do not aim to ‘treat’ the ‘problem’ of menopause; instead we aim to ease the symptoms of this natural reproductive process through changes to nutrition and lifestyle and via the use of natural remedies.

Where conditions are more serious, we work in conjunction with your doctors. Orthodox tests, diagnosis and medicine are used to complement the natural therapy approach and seek to address and heal any issues rather than overriding them.

Our integrative approach may also include referrals to additional alternative health services such as acupuncture to provide holistic, comprehensive care.