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Autoimmune Disease


Auto-immune conditions are many and varied – essentially this covers a variety of diseases where the body’s immune system behaves irregularly and attacks your body’s tissues and functions. Some of these conditions can seriously affect life experience and cause debilitating and often painful symptoms.

The good news is that naturopathic medicine has been shown to be able to provide effective support for those who experience these debilitating diseases and conditions.

Through the use of our wonderful nutritional and herbal remedies, combined with dietary and lifestyle advice and guidance, your practitioner can offer therapy for the symptoms and underlying issues associated with many of these diseases.

These may include increased inflammation, muscular and joint pain, over and under active thyroid function and recurrent miscarriage, amongst many other presentations.

Many of our herbal medicines have also been shown to substantially rebalance the inappropriate immune response that underlie these conditions.

We will work closely with your medical support team to  ensure you receive optimal, integrative health management which can lead to significant improvement.