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At The Jocelyn Centre we have been supporting women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for many years, sometimes to help them conceive, and also for the often severe symptoms experienced. So we are able to offer some good news to these women, as naturopathic medicine has been shown to be able to provide significant, effective improvement.

There is often some misunderstanding about this condition, which can manifest in many different ways, and diagnosis is not always straightforward.

The primary condition, which is often the first to be tested through ultrasound, is that the ovaries are polycystic. This does not mean that there are multiple ovarian cysts, and a more correct term would be polyfollicular ovaries, as it is the increased numbers of immature follicles which can cause difficulty with the release of the egg, which then often leads to irregular cycles.

To be diagnosed with the syndrome, other irregularities also need to be present, such as irregular menstruation, sub or infertility, increased male hormones (such as testosterone, which women need, but in smaller amounts than men), acne and increased, inappropriate hair growth (hirsutism) or blood sugar irregularities (metabolic syndrome).

So naturopathic treatment will vary according to how the condition manifests in each woman.

Through the use of our wonderful nutritional and herbal remedies, combined with dietary and lifestyle advice and guidance, your practitioner can offer therapy for symptoms such as irregular cycles, weight gain and skin problems, as well as addressing the underlying causes of the condition, which can include blood sugar issues and metabolic syndrome.

We will work closely with your medical support team to ensure you receive optimal, integrative health management, can lead to significant improvement.