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At The Jocelyn Centre we are very aware of the increasing prevalence of this debilitating disease, but are able to offer some good news to the many women who often experience severe, debilitating symptoms and pain, as naturopathic medicine has been shown to be able to provide effective support for these women.

Through the use of our wonderful nutritional and herbal remedies, combined with dietary and lifestyle advice and guidance, your practitioner can offer therapy for symptoms such as increased menstrual pain, as well as addressing the underlying causes of the disease, which can include hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and possibly an auto-immune response to endometrial tissue.

We can also help your body to detoxify and eliminate the endocrine disruptive chemicals we are all exposed to through our foods and environments, and which have been a significant contribution to the rise of the condition.

With sufficient improvement it is often possible to avoid invasive surgery, as well as helping to prevent recurrence if this is necessary.

We will work closely with your medical support team to ensure you receive optimal, integrative health management, which can lead to significant improvement.