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Birth & Breastfeeding


Giving birth is an empowering and transformative life event, and when the birth and bonding between mother and baby unfolds naturally, the positive effects for both are immeasurable.

During your last trimester we have wonderful nutritional and herbal remedies to help prepare your uterus and cervix for an optimal, natural birth. We can also prepare you if a Caesarean section is required.

After your birth, postnatal health and successful lactation are well supported with natural therapies. We are strong supporters of the advantages of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, and have very effective herbal and nutritional remedies to improve milk supply when required.

In Francesca’s books The Natural Way to Better Birth and Bonding and The Natural Way to Better Breastfeeding (co-authored with Janette Roberts), she covers a treasure trove of practical information.

For personalised advice, naturopathic treatment and remedies on any of the above topics, we are happy to assist.