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At The Jocelyn Centre, our practitioners have a long history of helping women who have experienced miscarriage, either single or recurrent, through thorough preconception and pregnancy health care.

We will recommend extensive investigative tests and procedures to help identify underlying causes, as miscarriage can result from a number of conditions.

These may include hormonal or uterine problems, infections, auto-immune issues, as well as poor nutritional status and exposure to environmental toxins. These can damage your eggs and provide inadequate nutrients for, or cause disruption to, your baby’s development.

It is often assumed that the prospective mother is the only one who requires investigation, but since the sperm provide half the essential building blocks for the critical initial development of the embryo, the father may also need investigation and preconception health care.

Through the use of our wonderful nutritional and herbal remedies, combined with dietary and lifestyle advice, naturopathic medicine has been shown to be able to offer effective therapy for these conditions, and support for a viable, full term pregnancy and healthy mother and baby.

Where the miscarriage has already occurred, preconception health care is best completed before another conception is attempted.

We will work closely with your medical support team to ensure you receive optimal, integrative health management, which can lead to significant improvement.