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Our team

With over 40 years experience, our Director, Francesca Naish, has chosen the top specialist practitioners in the field to ensure our patients receive premium care across facets of our service.

All our practitioners have extensive academic and practical experience and undertake continued professional development to ensure they are at the forefront in terms of research, knowledge and specialist care. Our practitioners are registered with all professional industry associations such as ATMS, ANTA, and NHAA.

Our team of committed administrative staff ensure your practitioners are free to focus on quality patient care.

Our two senior naturopathic practitioners are Francesca Naish and Jacintha Gunasekera.

Francesca Naish

Founder & Director of Natural Fertility Management Pty Ltd

Francesca pioneered the use of clinically effective, safe natural fertility management methods over 40 years ago as a direct result of searching for better ways to manage her own fertility in a climate where reproductive health was increasingly becoming medicalised instead of being viewed as a natural and healthy part of life.

In addition to her work on contraception and general reproductive health, she pioneered the concept and practice of ‘preconception health care’ which is now a term in common use throughout both natural and orthodox approaches to fertility and pregnancy.

Due to the demand for this information, Francesca wrote her first best-selling book Natural Fertility and has since co-authored, with Janette Roberts, a further four books including The Natural Way to Better Babies, Better Pregnancy, Better Birth & Bonding and Better Breastfeeding, with international editions published in several countries.

With her colleague Jane Bennett she has trained many health practitioners nationally and internationally in Natural Fertility Management, and recently published The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception and a comprehensive, instructional menstrual cycle charting app.

Francesca remains at the forefront of the field by engaging in continued research and development of the increasingly popular and critical areas of natural fertility management, preconception health care, reproductive health and all associated health modalities. She continues to practice at The Jocelyn Centre and is a popular lecturer and speaker at colleges, seminars and conferences in Australia and overseas. She also makes appearances on radio, TV and in print media.

Francesca is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays each week and alternate Saturdays. She is able to offer virtual or telephone consultations* if face to face sessions are not appropriate or available.

She works with couples or singles, for all aspects of reproductive or general health care, with a particular focus on pre-conception health care and all fertility issues, including IVF and donor programs, as well as pregnancy and menopause. Having helped thousands of couples conceive and raise healthy children, she is honoured to now be helping some of those children to conceive their own “better babies”.

*Phone and virtual consultations not available to patients based in the USA/Canada.

Jacintha Gunasekera


Jacintha is a university-qualified naturopath with over 15 years experience helping women and couples conceive their babies. And she really loves it.

Her approach is thorough and thoughtful. Her practice is informed by the latest research, clinical experience and traditional naturopathic practice & philosophy.

She knows how challenging it can sometimes be to conceive and welcomes working with you no matter where you’re up to – for preconception guidance, general reproductive / fertility support, IVF / donor cycle support, miscarriage management, premature ovarian failure, same-sex couples…anywhere along the spectrum of welcoming your baby!

Jacintha complements her naturopathic training with the Arvigo Maya Abdominal therapies, and trained in the USA with Rosita Arvigo to become a Certified Arvigo practitioner. She has also been an educator, lecturing and supervising undergraduates in the Bachelor of Naturopathy program at Endeavour College of Natural Therapies.

Jacintha is caring, approachable and enthusiastic. She finds a great deal of joy in her work, and laughs a lot.

She continues to work with The Jocelyn Centre and in solo private practice.

Jacintha is available for phone or virtual consultations* on Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Saturdays.

* Phone and virtual consultations not available to patients from USA/Canada

Admin Team

Albion Harrison-Naish – Practice Manager

Anna Gunn – Dispensary Manager

Lisa Newton – Reception